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Slice And Dice Data With Microsoft Pivot

Microsoft Live Labs’ beta Pivot software lets you slice, dice, analyze and examine data, including geographic data, with a unique, animated visual interface. You can’t currently use your own data, but several sample datasets have geographic attributes, including:

  • National Parks
  • World Leaders
  • Endangered Species
  • Sports Figures
  • Kiva Loans

Here’s a screenshot of Kiva loans grouped by alphabetical country groups:


Clicking on a group brings up individual data for those countries:


Which can then be filtered by attributes like activity, sector, amount donated, amount needed, or gender (female here):


Double-click on a picture, and it brings up additional information; in this case, the Kiva web page for an entrepreneur inside the program’s own browser:


Here’s a video from TED on the program:

And a video  demo from Download Squad demonstrating the program with Endangered Species data:

Windows Vista/7 only (requires Aero, which XP doesn’t have); also requires Internet Explorer (sorry). As I said, you can’t currently use your own datasets, but I have to believe that will be coming soon.

Via Download Squad.

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