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Excel Add-On For Map And Data Visualization

Claude Henri-Meledo writes to tell me about BeGraphic Lite, a free data visualization tool for Microsoft Excel. I don’t currently have easy access to Microsoft Excel (I’m working in OpenOffice exclusively), so I can’t try it out, but it looks interesting. It apparently does a wide variation of data graphics, not just maps; these include:

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A few sample map screenshots from the website:



BeGraphic LIte works with the free vector graphic map data available at, which now has 7500 maps available (up from 4000 when I posted about the site in August 2009). Edit: You need to download the files in WMF format. There’s a Pro version of BeGraphic in the works for later this year, but the Lite version will still be free and available.

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  1. 1 Ross

    For those without Excel, it might be worth trying Go-oo, an OpenOffice variant similar to Novell’s version, that supports VBA. I am assuming that this has been used to get Excel to do the ‘magic’. The VBA in Go-oo may not be 100% complete though.
    A new version of Go-oo was released on Feb 10th, version 3.2.10 for Windows users. If you use non-US languages, you might want to wait a week and get the patched 3.2.11 version.

    If anyone tries this and is successful, post here to let us know. Thanks.

  2. 2 epicsystems

    Dear Sir,

    I have the pleasure to brief on our Data Visualization software
    “Trend Compass”.

    TC is a new concept in viewing statistics and trends in an animated
    way by displaying 5 axis (X, Y, Time, Bubble size & Bubble color)
    instead of just the traditional X and Y axis. It could be used in
    analysis, research, presentation etc. In the banking sector, we have
    Deutsche Bank New York as our client.

    This a link on weather data :

    This is a bank link to compare Deposits, Withdrawals and numbers of
    Customers for different branches over time ( all in 1 Chart) :

    Misc Examples :

    This is a project we did with Princeton University on US unemployment :

    A 3 minutes video presentation of above by Professor Alan Krueger
    Bendheim Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton
    University and currently Chief Economist at the US Treasury using
    Trend Compass :

    Latest financial links on the Central Bank of Egypt:

    I hope you could evaluate it and give me your comments. So many ideas
    are there.

    You can download a trial version. It has a feature to export
    EXE,PPS,HTML and AVI files. The most impressive is the AVI since you
    can record Audio/Video for the charts you create.

    All the best.

    Tarek Y Aziz
    Marketing Manager
    Epic Systems

  3. 3 Denis

    For Excel Add-On For Map And Data Visualization, you should have a look to our website resources

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