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Inexpensive(?) Copies Of ESRI Products For Non-Profits

ESRI’s GIS And Science blog posts about a new ESRI program to provide GIS software for non-profits:

The program allows qualified nonprofit organizations to request up to 75 seats of ArcGIS Desktop and 2 seats of ArcGIS Server software per organization. Alternatively, organizations can choose from four levels of a special nonprofit organization enterprise license agreement (ELA) designed to meet the needs of larger operations. Both ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server software include all extensions.

You have to sign up for membership to find out how much it costs; the page for ArcGIS Desktop mentions an administrative fee, but for full info you have to sign up for a membership (which I can’t). If anyone does find out cost info, please drop a note in the comments section.

Given that a full copy of ArcGIS Desktop with all the extensions can cost close to $10K, this is worth a look if you’re eligible and need the software. The Free Geo Tools site is all about free, and free is great for many uses, but having  cheap copies of industry-standard software for some applications doesn’t hurt.

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1 Response to “Inexpensive(?) Copies Of ESRI Products For Non-Profits”

  1. 1 Chris

    FTR: To be eligible, your organization must be granted government authority per the eligibility guidelines presented on the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program website.

    1. Provide documentation of your organization’s non-profit status: EIN Number
    2. Provide documentation of your organization’s tax exempt status: 501 C Class & NTEE category
    3. The items you are interested in ordering. Review offerings here:

    Associated administrative fees are as follows:

    · ArcInfo Bundle: $100
    · ArcGIS Server Advanced Enterprise: $2,000
    · Enterprise License Agreement (ELA): $10,000 – $75,000 – Depending upon need

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