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Dirt-Cheap Screen Protector For Your GPS (And Many Other Screens)

A cheap and simple screen protector:

Tried it with one of my GPS units, and screen clarity was excellent with a brand-name clear tape (Scotch 3M), definitely worse with a generic brand. But with both brands, the tape peeled off without leaving any adhesive residue. I suspect it will be more prone to scratches than more expensive screen protectors, but rubbing it vigorously with my fingernail left no mark. Light use with a PDA stylus left minor but noticeable scratches; heavier pressure left more distinct marks. Seems to work fine with a resistive touch screen; probably won’t work well with a capacitance-based screen (e.g. iPhone and many other smart phones; any phone that supports multitouch).

Via Lifehacker.

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1 Response to “Dirt-Cheap Screen Protector For Your GPS (And Many Other Screens)”

  1. 1 Jeannine

    thanks shouda checked out your cheap screen protector tips b4 I purchased a horrible looking kit from Best Buy. live n learn . thanks I will be removing awful expensive protector n replacing it right away thank you

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