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New App For Real-Time GPS Tracking In Google Earth

In my series on getting Google Earth Plus features for free, I reviewed a number of apps that interface a GPS unit with Google Earth, plotting your current position and/or recording your track. There’s a new one out from Valery Hronusov and friends called Navigator that appears to be better than all those, but since I’m away from home, I can’t try it out yet. The feature set looks impressive:

  • Supports USB and serial connections, including Bluetooth
  • Supports simultaneous connections with multiple GPS units
  • An information screen with many useful outputs, including position, course and speed, HDOP (horizontal dilution of precision, a metric for how accurate the GPS fix is based on satellite geometry) and more

  • Additional windows for position info, marking a waypoint, tracking, and more.

I’ll have a full hands-on review later on, but if you’re interested in this kind of app, it’s worth a look right away.

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1 Response to “New App For Real-Time GPS Tracking In Google Earth”

  1. 1 glen

    i have just downloaded this app

    i have a Geonaute KeyMaze 300 GPS watch its like the foretrex from gatmin all i had to do was set the unit find out what com port it was on in my case com7 (the program can detct the port but it seams not for my unit) with the press of 2 buttons on Navigator u can see your location live on google earth. This program i think is easy to use but has one drawback if you want to look at anyother window on your pc you have to minamise Navigator

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