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Entering Multiple Datasets For A Single Set Of Garmin Custom POIs

Last week, I posted on how to convert a point shapefile to a Garmin custom POI file, and how with some manipulation you could include a fair number of the shapefile attributes in that POI’s data screen. But with only 6 lines of dataspace available, and only about 20 or so characters per line, you can only fit so much data onto a single data screen before you run out of space. And there may be times when you need to fit in more data.

The solution is pretty straightforward – just create another set of data for the same set of POIs, and give this new dataset a different name. It’s easy to access this new dataset using standard POI database management; you can make it even easier to distinguish between different datasets by modifying the point name slightly, appending a letter or number to every POI name in the new dataset, distinguishing it from other datasets with the same name. Using this technique, and using a Garmin that takes external data cards, there’s virtually no limit to the amount of attribute data you can include for every point in a shapefile.

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