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Direction To A Geostationary Broadcast Satellite In Google Maps/Earth

Here’s a slick little online geographic tool called DishPointer. Enter your position (latitude/longitude), or your address, then select from a list of broadcast satellites in geosynchronous orbit. DishPointer will bring up a Google Maps display showing the proper orientation for your dish antenna for optimal reception from the selected satellite:

Capture3-26-2007-2.31.46 PM5-19-2008-8.55.35 PM

Check the box marked “Show obstacle”, and you can move the marker to show the maximum height an obstacle (like a tree or a neighbor’s house) can have without blocking your satellite dish’s line-of-sight view.

Click on the Google Earth icon, and have the line-of-sight to the satellite shown in 3 dimensions:

Capture3-26-2007-2.31.46 PM5-19-2008-8.58.21 PM

If your view of the satellite is blocked by terrain, that will be visible in Google Earth; if there are 3D buildings for your area, you’ll also be able to see whether your view is blocked by adjacent buildings as well.

Via OgleEarth.

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