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The Geocoding Database

The Geonames website offers a number of useful geocoding services:

  • Enter a name, and get back:
  1. A list of the first fifty geographic features in their database that include that name
  2. The feature coordinates
  3. A link to let you plot the location of that feature in Google Maps, along with fifty other nearby features
  4. Links to download those features in “csv” spreadsheet format (looks more like tab-delimited to me), or a png image that shows the selected feature plotted as a red point on country line graphic:


  • A web-based geocoding service
  • A postal-code lookup service
  • A downloadable copy of the geocoding database, by individual country, or combined into a single 150 MB file for all countries

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  1. 1 sachchida nand singh

    reuired knowledge about geo-coding in the database

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