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Back Soon

Been a long field season this year, which has kept me away from this site. Not over yet – still have one more session left, running through the end of next week. Then I’ll be back home, and hope to get this site cranking again soon.

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6 Responses to “Back Soon”

  1. 1 Josh

    Missing Ya :)

  2. 2 Askan

    Missing you as well, has been a long time, hope you are doing fine

  3. 3 Ross

    Happy New Year – and come back SOON!

  4. 4 askan

    Are you still thereß Are you ok?

  5. 5 Leszek Pawlowicz

    Still here, still busy with other stuff.

  6. 6 Thomas

    Good to know you are ok, Leszek!

    I hope your project is moving in the right direction.


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