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The Global Peace Index Map

Vision Of Humanity’s Global Peace Index Map displays a choropleth view of the “Global Peace Index” (GPI), a quasi-arbitrary composite index of 23 factors like military expenditure, level of violent crime, number of heavy weapons, and more. More meaningfully, you can also select individual factors for display on the map, along with a time slider that shows how they change from 2007 to 2010; passing your cursor over a country brings a pop-up with the country rank for that factor, along with the GPI rank. There’s also a table at the bottom listing countries listed by factor ranking; you can also download a PDF with a summary of the general data. Here’s the jailed population factor, number of jailed population per 100,000 people:


USA is #1! But not in a good way …

There’s a list of 32 “Related Indicators”, economic/demographics/societal, you can plot as well, including some unusual ones like “Hostility to foreigners” , “Willingness to fight”, and “Corruption perceptions”. Coming soon is another section of “Stats on Life”, containing additional factors like “Water availability” and “Government efficiency”.

Via Download Squad.

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