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GIS Data For US National Parks And Monuments

The US National Park Service Data Store site offers access to GIS data for US National Parks And Monuments in a wide variety of subjects and formats, including:

  • Biology
  • Cultural Resources
  • Aerial imagery
  • Roads and trails
  • Noxious/alien plants
  • Soils
  • Land use / cover
  • Plus dozens more ….

For geology (a favorite topic of mine), there’s a related NPS Geologic Resources Inventory Publications web page listing the geology data available for most US National Parks and Monuments, including some that you wouldn’t expect it for; here’s a geology map for Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace National Historic Site generated from the GIS data, from the summary report:


Parks can have any or all of three different types of reports: scoping summaries, geologic reports, and digital geological mapping data in GIS format. Scoping summaries and geologic reports usually have extensive references to additional information about park geology. Links to geology GIS data are “preset” links to the NPS Data Store for that information.

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