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Getty Thesaurus Of Geographic Names Online

With 895,000 records and 1,115,000 names, the Getty Thesaurus Of Geographic Names Online lets you look up position and hierarchical data for geographic features around the world:


The position data is described as “approximate and … intended for reference (“finding purposes”) only”; a few test cases showed that the positions ranged from spot-on to over a mile off for locations in the US. Lookup can be by name only, or limited by type of geographic location and nation; Boolean and wild-card operators are supported.

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1 Response to “Getty Thesaurus Of Geographic Names Online”

  1. 1 Kudrjashov_AI

    Enter the “Moscow” and learn with astonishment that the capital of Russia – Moscow, is located in Asia! …

    I suspect that not only Moscow.

    It’s a shame for geoinformation resource.

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