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Two IP Mapping Utilities

Two online applications for mapping IP addresses:

IP-Locator:  Plots the location of your current IP address, gives the approximate coordinates and elevation, with the option to export it as a KML file.

4-8-2009-8.56.37 PM

You can also type in an IP address, and get its geographic location plotted as well, with KML export. But for more than one IP address, and multiple export formats, there’s ….

IP-Mapper: – Enter a list of IP addresses in the box at left:

4-8-2009-9.01.43 PM

Click on Geocode, and get back the position(s) of the IP addresses plotted on a world map, along with the option to export the data in KML, CSV, DXF, shapefile, Tab-delimited or plain text formats:

4-8-2009-9.09.53 PM

Two additional notes:

  • If you want to find the numerical IP address for a website, do a Google Search for “domain name lookup” to find dozens of online apps that do just that, e.g. IP Address Lookup.
  • The geographic location derived from a website IP address is for the server hosting the website, which isn’t necessarily where the website content originates. Free Geography Tools’ IP address is; plug that in, and you’ll find that the server is located in Orem, Utah, whereas I am in, and plan to stay in, Flagstaff, Arizona.

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