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Basic Google Maps Heat Map

Tixik Heatmaps – Lets you add a basic heat map to a simple Google Maps display. Create a “CSV” file of latitude/longitude pairs, with coordinates separated by a semi-colon, and each pair on a new line:





(Taken from the sample file).

Put the file online someplace, and then substitute its web address for “CSV_URL” in the Google Maps code below:

var tilelayer = new GTileLayer(new GCopyrightCollection(), 0, 17);
 tilelayer.getTileUrl = function(tile, zoom) {
   return ''+tile.x+'&y='+tile.y+'&zoom='+zoom+'&csv=CSV_URL';
 tilelayer.getOpacity = function() {return 0.7;}
 map.addOverlay(new GTileLayerOverlay(tilelayer));

Add this code to your Google Maps embed code, and get a basic heat map (sample map from Tixik website):


Fast, simple and basic – not a lot of options. Bit quirky/buggy, too – check out this zoomed-in area, which dropped some of the data (rest of the world looked fine:


Colors can also vary depending on the browser you use; the examples above are from Chrome, while the same map in Internet Explorer 8 looks like this:


For quick and dirty heatmaps with Google Maps, Tixik Heatmaps seems like a decent option. But there’s an option for use with other map backgrounds that’s more flexible in display options, data format, and embeddability; more on that tomorrow.

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    Hello, thanks for short review – we have made some updates to this service, so there should be no problems with displaying heat maps in western USA from now – a gps SQL query problem. If there any other problems, or requests, do not hesitate to contact us. thanks for sharing.

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