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MapTool Goes To Version 2– Elevations, Areas, And Distances In Google Maps

I’ve covered Zonums Software free online application MapTool before; the original version let you determine the elevation of a point in a Google Maps interface, as well as measuring the length of a multi-segment path or drawn polygon, but not much more. Zonums has recently updated this application to  MapTool 2, which adds some really nice new functions (most accessible by clicking on the Options link at top):

  • Create vertices by manually entering coordinates, in addition to previous option of clicking on map (use Input link at the top for this)
  • Continuous coordinate read-out in both latitude/longitude and UTM
  • Divide a drawn line into equal parts by automatically adding equally-spaced vertices, or add vertices with a user-defined spacing
  • Convert a drawn polygon into a polyline, and vice versa
  • Edit individual vertices in a line or polygon
  • Get a count of the total number of vertices in the drawn feature
  • Get an elevation profile for all the vertices on a line


  • Determine the extents (bounding box) for the drawn feature
  • Export the vertex coordinates as a text file
  • Export the line or polygon directly as a GPX, DXF or shapefile in latitude/longitude/WGS84, with the option to include vertex elevations

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1 Response to “MapTool Goes To Version 2– Elevations, Areas, And Distances In Google Maps”

  1. 1 mihai

    maptool 2 is a nice tool…but incomplete.. it lacks basic usability features like export to gpx what i draw filling elevations ?

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