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Convert OCAD Maps Into Garmin Format

As with yesterday’s posts on TomTom GPS units, this is another in my series of “stuff that looks cool, but I don’t have everything I need to try it out”. OCAD is a vector-based map-drawing program (current version 10 is not free; version 6 has been released as freeware, available on the Download page). I believe the “O” in OCAD originally stood for orienteering, the sport of navigating with map and compass especially popular in Europe, but the program has evolved into a more sophisticated mapping program. The World Of O website has an article on the free utility ocad2img that converts the vector OCAD format into a Garmin-compatible vector .img format. A bit technical, and the maps don’t look exactly the same, but they have the speed and file size advantages of vector data. Like I say, I can’t try it out, but the photo (from the website) looks good:


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