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ILWIS 3.5 Released

A bit more than a year after the 3.3 commercial version was converted to open source, with management turned over to 52 NorthILWIS 3.5 has been released. New features include:

  • A new installer
  • ILWIS as an OGC compliant WMS client: visualization of WMS layers (or combinations thereof) as raster maps.
  • Calculation tool for Surface Energy Balances (SEBS).
  • ILWIS as an MS Visual 2008 project.
  • Easy extension of analytical functions (so-called applications and applications UIs) based on a plug-in system.
  • Improved possibilities/capabilities for writing server side applications: separation of the user interface and analytical functionality.

ILWIS is a full-featured, highly sophisticated raster-oriented GIS program. See this earlier post for a longer list of some of its features, as well as links to extensive documentation (currently missing from the 52 North website).

Via SlashGeo.

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