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Highway Sign Fonts

The New York Times has an interesting article on the development of the new Clearview font that is likely to replace the old Highway Gothic font in US highway signage in the future. If you want to use the the Clearview font for map labels or signage, it’s available from this website, at a heavy cost ($795 for 1-5 workstations). But there’s an adaptation of the fonts available in TrueType format at this website that’s free for personal, hobby, educational or non-commercial uses (read the license on the website, and in the zip file, for the full details). Just unzip the fonts into the appropriate Fonts folder for your OS (for Windows, that’s the Windows\Fonts folder), and they should be available as a font selection in your application. Also included are versions of the old Highway Gothic font, as well as English and German highway signage fonts. And there’s a link to the Minnesota DNR’s TrueType font with recreational symbols.


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