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Data Overlays For Google Earth

OgleEarth posts about the King’s College Geodata portal, a terrific set of data overlays for Google Earth (static, network-updated, and temporal). Current datasets include:

  • Tiputini Biodiversity Station
  • Terrascope (new)
  • TRMM 2b31-Based Rainfall Climatology
  • Amazon-eye
  • Tropical montane cloud forests
  • MODIS Cloud climatology
  • SRTM SWBD Coast and water bodies
  • Petroleum-related impacts in the Amazon
  • AsterPAA (TerraLook) in Google Earth
  • GNS places database
  • Monthly NASA blue marble SG
  • Hole-filled SRTM 90m Digital Elevation Data
  • Sea level rise scenarios
  • Global forest change (2000-2005) from MODIS VCF
  • Three-hourly rainfall time series (from TRMM 3B42)
  • Monitoring Volcanoes
  • Urban climates
  • Tropical Hydrology : climate and land use impacts
  • Central American and Costa Rican Climate and Hydrology

And, of course, there’s a lot more similar datasets at the Google Earth Library.

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