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Nuke A City With The Ground Zero Mapplet

Bit of a grim app, but the CarlosLabs Ground Zero Mapplet will show the effects of various-sized nuclear weapons on a number of preset world cities. Here’s the impact on Pittsburgh of the “Tsar Bomba” blast, the most powerful nuclear weapon ever tested at 50 megatons:


Most other blast options are for much less, like the 15 kiloton “Little Boy” dropped on Hiroshima:


But the largest explosion model available is an asteroid impact comparable to the Chixculub impact 65 million years ago that caused dinosaurs to go extinct:


The main version is a Google Maps Mapplet, so you’ll need a Google account to use it in your My Maps collection. There’s a direct link to install it into My Map at the CarlosLab website. The Maps API link will take you to a page with embeddable code that lets you put a comparable app into your web page, like the live example below:

Unlike the Mapplet, the embedded app lets you select any location, but the overall map size is constrained. Source code for this app is available at the link above.

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