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Embed A QR Position Code Losslessly Into A Geotagged Picture With QRStamper

Mike Lee’s QRStamper program will losslessly embed a QR code with the coordinate data for a geotagged photo into a copy of the photo. Just drag and drop the photo onto the program icon, and in the same directory as the original, QRStamper will create a copy of the photo with the QR code embedded at lower right:


Scan the QR code with an app like Android’s Barcode Scanner, and retrieve the geotagging coordinates:


The similar GeoStamper program embeds a standard geotagging icon losslessly into a photo copy, to indicate it’s geotagged:


His GPStamper program, covered here a long time ago, which losslessly embedded actual coordinate/location data into a photo, is no longer free. However,  it still has a 30-day free trial, and “non-commercial scientific research or survey use is eligible for a free licensed version.”

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