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Even More Mac GIS Software For Free

Thought I was done with adding new Mac GIS apps to the full list, but here’s a few more:

CoastWatch – “The CoastWatch Software Library and Utilities is a package of software tools for working with earth data sets distributed by the NOAA/NESDIS CoastWatch program.”

GeoJasper – Converter between GeoTiff and GeoJPEG2000.

Geomajas – “… an open source, web-based GIS framework specialized in editing and complex attribute relations.” Apparently works with Firefox in Mac, but has issues in Safari.

GeoMapApp: “GeoMapApp provides direct access to the Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) compilation that includes high resolution (~100 m node spacing) topography from multibeam data for ocean areas and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data over land.”

GeoVISTA Studio – “GeoVISTA Studio is an open software development environment designed for geospatial data. Studio is a programming-free environment that allows users to quickly build applications for geocomputation and geographic visualization.” Note: Seems to have issues with the most recent versions of Java, at least on my PC.

Minerva -“Minerva is an open-source program for viewing geospatial data that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It unifies standard GIS capabilities with high-performance, 3D visualization”

MSphinx MODIS Satellite Process Handling Images uNder Xwindow.

SeaDAS – “ The SeaWiFS Data Analysis System (SeaDAS) is a comprehensive image analysis package for the processing, display, analysis, and quality control of ocean color data.

SGeMS – “SGeMS is a software for 3D geostatistical modeling.” Source code only is provided; website says that you should be able to compile it for Mac OS X, but apparently no one has tried it yet, and no Mac binaries are available.

STARS – “Space-Time Analysis Of Regional Systems (STARS) is an open source package designed for the analysis of areal data measured over time. STARS brings together a number of recently developed methods of space-time analysis into a user-friendly graphical environment offering an array of dynamically linked graphical views.”

StarSpan“StarSpan is designed to bridge the raster and vector worlds of spatial analysis using fast algorithms for pixel level extraction from geometry features (points, lines, polygons). StarSpan generates databases of extracted pixel values (from one or a set of raster images), fused with the database attributes from the vector files.”

VAPOR Visualization and Analysis Platform for Ocean, Atmosphere, and Solar Researchers.

  • A visual data discovery environment tailored towards the specialized needs of the geosciences CFD community
  • A desktop solution capable of handling terascale size data sets
  • Advanced interactive 3D visualization tightly coupled with quantitative data analysis
  • Support for multi-variate, time-varying data
  • Close coupling with RSI’s powerful interpretive data language, IDL.
  • Support for 3D visualization of WRF-ARW datasets

WorldWatcher – “WorldWatcher, a supportive scientific visualization environment for geospatial data, is available for both Macintosh and Windows. The software provides an accessible and supportive environment for students to explore, interpret, and analyze scientific data in a manner which allows them to emulate the work of actual scientists.” Note: This appears to be a free, but I can’t tell for sure.

Commercial software (i.e. not free):

MyWorld GIS – “My World GIS™ is a Geographic Information System (GIS) designed specifically for use in educational settings.  My World allows learners to explore and analyze geographic data about our world.”

GAIA “GAIA (Geographic Access Image and Analysis) Software … capabilities are focused on displaying any earth imagery including full SPOT or LANDSAT images and allowing users to combine spectral classes into meaningful covertypes and analyze a given area for acreage. GAIA also has full rastor/vector integration and can overlay vector maps (from MapGraphix and Microstation) onto the raster imagery to superimpose roads, geopolitical borders, hydrography, etc.”. Note: No download link, original website is down, may no longer be available.

All these will be added to the full list shortly.

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