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Tiny Geocoder

Tiny Geocoder is a small, simple web geocoder; type in an address or geographic location, and get back the approximate latitude/longitude for that location, and a Google Map view with that location plotted:

12-1-2008-10.03.26 AM

If you have a Google Map API key (free), you can generate code to create a static link to this map (static meaning just the image itself, not scrollable or zoomable).

And for web gearheads, there’s a simple and free API available for geocoding and reverse geocoding. Here’s an example of geocoding for Provo, Utah, and reverse geocoding for 37,-110.

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1 Response to “Tiny Geocoder”

  1. 1 Raj

    Here is my version of a geo-coding tool.

    Allows you to perform forward and reverse geo-coding from one page.

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