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Quick Zip Code Information

From the comments to my post on Mapping Zip And Area Code Boundaries comes a link to another, simpler site: ZipCodesMapped.Com. Type in a zip code, and get back the approximate location, area code, FIPS code, and timezone, along with a Google Maps window for the approximate area covered:


The Google Maps window isn’t always 100% accurate – the example above is for my old neighborhood, and the displayed map doesn’t cover the entire area (though it is close). While it has less information than the USNaviguide website described in the original post, for quick lookups ZipCodesMapped.Com may be more convenient to use.

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2 Responses to “Quick Zip Code Information”

  1. 1 Zip Map

    I would recommend for any US zip code map.
    You can use this to find any US zip code maps. You can search by (City,

    State OR Zip). they have all the maps showing zip codes and major mile

    streets in all of the united states. The service is free. Search for five

    Digit Zip Code and find the Maps for all 50 states. A Free ZIP Code Finder

    which can do wonders for you.

  2. 2 Tim

    You can get the free monthly updates ZIP code database from the following URL.

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