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New Stable Release Of MapWindow GIS

The open source GIS MapWindow (Windows only) has just put out its latest Stable Release (SR), version 4.5. This is the first SR in about 8 months. New features include:

  • “Bookmark View” capability
  • Ability to change map background color
  • New string functions in DBF table editor – trim, substring, toupper, tolower
  • Better Intellisense-like editor for scripts
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts
  • A new measuring tool for distances/areas (though it’s a bit flaky; it requires a PRJ file to work, and even then sometimes balks)
  • A label-moving tool
  • Google Geocoder: Geocode a single address or list of addresses, and converts them to shapefile format (requires free Google API key; limit of 5000 addresses per day)

5-26-2008-4.24.24 PM

  • Live connection to a GPS, with position reporting and track/NMEA logging
  • A full metadata editor and viewer that creates FGDC-compliant metadata XML files using a wizard:

Metadata editor

All this, of course, in addition to its many other GIS functions.

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