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Garmin Map Roundup

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3 Responses to “Garmin Map Roundup”

  1. 1 Eva

    There is a site which gathered all free Garmin GPS maps which are available on the Internet:

    Enjoy and have fun :-)

  2. 2 Thomas

    I downloaded and installed the mapset for Baghdad.

    Sadly it ruined my MapSource. I had to uninstall the map to make MapSource work again.

  3. 3 Gavin

    Here’s a link to, AKA Northwest Trails, for the purposes of this post. Trails are catagorized into general groups. The compliation is great and is growing. In my area, anyway, the data has been of high quality.

    From the website:

    What is Northwest Trails?
    In short, Northwest Trails is a mapset of trails designed for upload to any map-enabled Garmin GPS receiver. It is more than just a mapset, though; it is also a community effort initiated to record and collect GPS data for trails in the Northwest (Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, British Columbia and Alaska) and provide that data for general public use.

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