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An Online KML Validator

A previous post linked to a video on how to add in-line KML validation to the Java-based text editor jEdit. There’s now another KML validation option for those who use their own editor to create KML files. Galdos Systems has created a free online KML validator; just submit a link to an online KML or KMZ file or upload the file from your computer (note: for online files, upper/lowercase matters!). You’ll get back a report page with:

  • The number of errors found, recommendations and suggestions
  • The specific errors found, referenced by line number in the original file
  • A listing of the original KML/KMZ file with line numbers, so you can cross-reference the error specified with the line number

An error doesn’t necessarily mean a fatal error; my test file had three errors, mainly related to spec changes in KML, but works fine in Google Earth. Still, even with a working file, it’s useful to see where it doesn’t conform to specs, and for a non-working file it can help you track down the error.

Via the Google Earth Blog.

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