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Free Online File Conversion

If you’ve ever needed to convert a file from one format to another and didn’t have the necessary software, you may find these two sites handy:

Zamzar – Probably the best-known free online file conversion site. Converts more than 100 file formats (document, spreadsheet, video, audio, graphic) from one to another. Biggest drawback is that you have to upload the file to Zamzar, then wait for an email that sends you a download link for the converted file. I use this a lot for converting Excel files to CSV and back, converting PDF documents to Word files, and converting documents to PDF format on computers that don’t have PDFCreator installed. But there are lots more conversions available.

iConv – Not as many conversions as Zamzar, but has some specialized ones that Zamzar lacks, and you also get your file right away (no wait for an email). Useful conversions include:

  • Unix2Dos, Dos2Unix, Mac2Unix – Makes end-of-line characters compatible
  • Convert Excel .xls to CSV
  • Fixed record format to tab-delimited data conversion – You enter the record lengths, and it does the conversion
  • Convert tab-delimited file to a fixed record format
  • Convert CSV file to a delimited format

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    1. 1 Anonymous

      st useful conversion that I’ve found, is Zamzar’s PUB (Microsoft Publisher) to PDF conversion.

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