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Put Custom Startup Graphics On Your Garmin GPSr Unit

Art writes about his programs Garmin 60CSx Whiz, Garmin Colorado Whiz and Garmin Oregon Whiz, which modify the firmware on a Garmin GPSMap unit to display a custom startup image and other alternate graphics. 60CSx-supported units include:

  • Garmin 60Cx
  • Garmin 60CSx
  • Garmin 76Sx
  • Garmin 76CSx

The interface looks straightforward enough (graphics from the program website):

60CSxWhiz_Art colwhiz Oregon_Whiz

Sample graphic images are provided for the 60CSx whiz, but you can also use your own (love the kookaburra):


And apparently they do what they’re supposed to:


I say “apparently” because I’m too chicken to try it out, even though Art has a pretty solid hack programming resume. But if any braver souls want to give it a try and post their results in the comment section, have at it!

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