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GUI For Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) Plus Added Geophysics Tools

The Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) is a collection of 60-odd command line tools for manipulating gridded and vector data, and creating high-quality output in EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) format. Working with it in command-line format isn’t the most user-friendly experience. Mirone offers a far-more accessible GUI interface to GMT’s features, and adds a few geophysics-related capabilities of its own:

  • Multibeam mission planning
  • Elastic deformation studies
  • Tsunami propagation modeling
  • Earth magnetic field computations and magnetic Parker inversions
  • Euler rotations and poles computations
  • Plate tectonic reconstructions
  • Seismicity and focal mechanism plotting

If you have MatLab installed on your system, there are source code versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux. If not, there’s a stand-alone executable for Windows systems that runs slower than the MatLab version.

Other graphical front-ends for parts of GMT include iGMT (requires Tcl/Tck), Win4GMT, and SeaTree.

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