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Addition To Mac GIS Freeware List

Bernhard Jenny let me know about his GISLook and GISMeta add-ons to the Mac Finder; they’ll be added shortly to my previously-published list of Mac GIS freeware.

GISLook adds preview capability to GIS data to the finder, supporting:

Vector data
• ESRI Shape (.shp)
• E00 ArcInfo Interchange (.e00)
• ArcInfo Coverage (.adf)

Raster grids, such as digital elevation models or land cover data with a single band
• BIL (.bil), BIP (.bip) and BSQ (.bsq) with .hdr file
• ESRI ASCII Grid (.asc)
• ESRI Binary Grid (.flt with .hdr file)
• PGM (.pgm)
• SRTM (.hgt and .dem)
• Surfer Grid (.grd)
• USGS DEM (.dem)

GISMeta lets you see the size of raster data files in the Finder.

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