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SPOT Medium-Resolution Multispectral Imagery For Canada

Slashgeo links to an announcement on Canada’s GeoBase site that SPOT imagery will become available for all of Canada by 2010. Panchromatic (black-and-white) imagery will be at 10-meter resolution, while four multispectral bands (Green, Red, Near IR, short-wavelength IR) will be available at 20-meter resolution; this is compared to Landsat 7 data (also available from GeoBase), with 15/30/60-meter resolution but more bands (one panchromatic, 6 multispectral, 2 thermal IR). A fair amount of imagery is already available:


Free registration required for access to GeoBase’s downloadable data, which includes a lot more Canadian geographical datasets (road networks, hydrography, topography, and more).

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1 Response to “SPOT Medium-Resolution Multispectral Imagery For Canada”

  1. 1 Matt Fox

    Kind of hard to get too excited over 10m/pixel imagery.

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